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Top 3 Cuba FAQs

Our Mission

Our Mission is quite simple: To provide our clients with authentic travel experiences that allows you to immerse yourself, and connect with, into the local culture.  

Who We Are

Anthrotourist Travel Co. is a company based in the belief that when we travel we should make the conscious effort to understand, and participate in the cultural framework in which we travel. In other words, we see the integration into local culture as a pivotal part of global travel.

Therefore, we wanted to create a travel company that bundles culture, language and adventure in such a way as to allow you, our clients, to feel like you have genuinely immersed yourself into the local culture.

We strongly believe that traveling, learning about other cultures, and meeting people can become a life-changing event, and it is our mission to ensure that we provide you with an amazingly authentic experience. 

Snapshot of Cuba