Booking Agreement

You agree (on your own behalf and on behalf of the other members of your traveling party) to the following terms and conditions, which form a contract between you and Anthrotourist Travel (the "Company" or "we").

The Company acts solely as an independent sales agent for the travel suppliers ("Suppliers") named in your itinerary or providing you with travel and related services ("Services") including without limitation any tour operator, cruise line, hotel, airline, transportation services provider, motorcoach operator, conveyance operator, ground handler, carrier, accommodations provider, local operator, travel supplier, travel protection or insurance companies and all other such Suppliers. You agree that the Company is not responsible for any acts, errors, warranties, representations, breaches, negligence or omissions of Suppliers, their failure to provide Services or adhere to their own schedules, their failure to pay any refund or for any personal injury, death, property damage, or other loss or expense, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity which may be caused by the Suppliers or any other party or occurrence not under the Company's sole control, including a flight cancellation, delay, or missed connection that causes you to miss all or any portion of a trip.

The Suppliers providing the Services are independent entities and are not agents, employees, contractors, servants, partners, or joint ventures of the Company. All travel documents and travel arrangements issued by the Company are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the Suppliers and to the laws of the countries in which the Services are supplied. In the event that the terms and conditions of particular Suppliers are incorrect, modified, or missing you agree to be subject and bound to the correct terms and conditions of the respective Suppliers.

The Company is not responsible for the decision of any insurer or insurance or administrator under the Travel Protection Plan (if travel insurance is purchased).

You hereby agree to release and hold harmless the Company from all claims, damages, losses, or expenses arising out of or in connection with the Services.

The Company has no special knowledge of the Suppliers, the financial condition of the Suppliers, unsafe conditions, health hazards, weather hazards, or climate extremes at locations to which you may travel. For information concerning possible dangers at destinations, we recommend contacting the Travel Warnings Section of the U.S. State Department at (202) 647-5225 or, and click on "Travel Warnings" and "Travel Alerts". For medical information, we recommend contacting the Centers for Disease Control at (877) FYI-TRIP or You assume full and complete responsibility for checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements of your destination(s), and all conditions regarding health, safety, security, political stability, and labor or civil unrest at such destination(s). You assume full and complete responsibility for all risks of travel and for complying with all laws of the country in the Itinerary. You hereby release The Company from all claims arising out of any problem covered in this paragraph.

Obtaining travel visas, valid passports, vaccines and other health and entry requirements is your sole responsibility. Some countries require that your passport's expiration date be later than six months after the last date of travel, and some countries require that you have at least two blank passport pages. Any name change to airline tickets may require airline reservations to be cancelled and re-booked, and you agree to be responsible for any related expenses if the passenger names given to the Company are incorrect.

Packages with airline and cruise components are subject to supplemental price increases that may be imposed by the supplier and/or government after you have completed your purchase. You hereby consent to any such price increases and authorize your credit or debit card to be used for them.

For guided tours, you are also responsible for respecting the authority and following the directions of the tour guide during a tour. We may exclude you from participating in all or any part of the tour if, in our sole discretion, your condition or behavior renders you unfit for the tour or unfit for continuation once the tour has begun. Unfitness may include, without limitation, any behavior that, regardless of its cause, is inappropriate or offensive or interferes with the delivery of tour services, or may constitute a hazard or embarrassment. In such case, our liability shall be strictly limited to refund of the recoverable cost of any unused portion of the tour. Should you decide not to participate in certain parts of the tour or use certain goods included in the tour, no refunds will be made for those unused parts of the tour or goods. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from and against any costs, damages, losses, or liabilities arising out of your or your companions' actions or omissions.

The Company reserves the right to cancel any paid booking or Services for any reason it deems necessary including errors and omissions of any party. You understand and agree that the Company's sole responsibility and liability in such an event will be a full refund of all of the monies paid in the purchase of the Services through the Company.

You understand and hereby agree to submit any and all claims in writing to the Company within 30 days after the completion of the trip, and to file any suit against the Company no later than one year after completion of the trip, and that the failure to timely do so shall result in the forfeiture of the right to such claim.

In no event, shall the Company be liable for other than the compensatory damages and you hereby waive expressly and knowingly expressly any right to incidental, consequential, and punitive damages.

You agree that any action or claim at law or in equity arising out of or relating directly or indirectly to the Services and to these terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida, without regard to any conflict of laws provisions. You agree to file any such action or claim only in the courts located in Hillsborough County, Florida, and you hereby agree to such venue and consent and submit to the personal jurisdiction of such courts for the purposes of litigating any action or claim.

All information, prices and availability listed in the Company's owned and controlled websites are subject to change without notice. You agree that the Company is not responsible for any typographical errors, itinerary errors or changes, incorrect prices or price changes or offer withdrawals listed the Company's owned and controlled websites or any content of an itinerary or travel reservation. If any provisions of these Terms and Conditions or any parts thereof are found to be unlawful, invalid, or unenforceable, then that provision or part thereof shall be deemed severable and struck from these terms and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect. If the Company does not act in relation to a breach by you or others of these terms and conditions, this does not waive the Company's rights to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches. The Company records some telephone calls for quality assurance and training purposes. You hereby agree and consent to such recordings of your telephone conversations. No employee, agent or representative of the Company has the authority to modify, waive, or alter any provision of these terms and conditions.

You agree to grant us (and third parties with whom we may engage in joint marketing) a worldwide, royalty-free, fully paid up license to use your photographic, video, or digital likeness solely for our promotional and/or commercial purposes. Facsimile transmission of any signed document shall be deemed delivery of an original. At our request, you shall promptly provide an original document as well. If there are any conflicts between these Terms and Conditions, the reservation form, and the itinerary, these Terms and Conditions shall apply. We reserve the right to decline to do business with anyone on a non-discriminatory basis.

Travelers needing special assistance: we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the needs of our travelers; however, travelers needing special assistance for their personal needs must notify us at the time of booking for a determination of what assistance we can reasonably provide. In cases where we cannot accommodate a traveler's special needs, persons requiring this assistance must be accompanied by a companion who will be responsible for independently providing the needed assistance. We regret that we cannot provide special individual assistance to travelers with special needs for ordinary daily activities, such as walking, dining, and other special needs. In no instance will contracted personnel or we physically lift or assist clients on to or off of transportation vehicles.


You warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and possess the legal authority to enter into this agreement and to make travel bookings with Anthrotourist Travel by any means, including our Web site in accordance with all terms and conditions herein. You agree to be financially responsible for all of your travel bookings (as well as for use of your account by others, including, without limitation, minors living with you). You agree to supervise all usage of Anthrotourist Travel communications by minors under your name or account. You also warrant that all information supplied by you or members of your household transacting business with Anthrotourist Travel is true and accurate. Without limitation, any speculative, false, or fraudulent reservation or any reservation in anticipation of demand is prohibited. You agree that the travel services reservations facilities provided by Anthrotourist Travel shall be used only to make legitimate reservations or purchases for you or for another person for whom you are legally authorized to act.


If you decide to change any portion of your confirmed arrangements prior to departure or during your trip, we will attempt to assist you. Certain bookings may not be able to be changed. If the request is granted, you will incur a $50 administrative charge. All desired changes must be made in writing (via email) to Anthrotourist Travel.